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    English learning with tablet PC
    Category:Latest News    2016-10-26 14:30
    The British are the European Unions’ worst linguists while the citizens of Luxembourg are the best, according to an EU poll published recently. Linguists learning is hard for most of us. I still remembered I rely on repeater for the English oral learning in my primary school and then tablet PC from tablet PC supplier China in my university.
    With the carrying forward of globalization, lots of people believe foreign language skills are useful, and some people even said that everyone should know one foreign language and to some extent, English becomes the first one language we need to get under the improving of globalization. For my friends and me, we have to learn English since we got into the primary school. However, it is to expensive to get a tablet PC from computer hardware wholesale due to the family bad situation. We have to learn it from teacher on classes. English teacher would read one word for us and we repeat it again and again until we remember the word. However, the difficulty is we don’t know where to find the right pronunciation if the teacher is not here when we forget it. We have to ask repeater for help even so it is not so convenient for us. With the improvement of technology, now we can solve this problem easily under the help of tablet PC.
    Of course, we could consider the POS tablet PC price according the function of the different tablet PC. We would buy a cheap one if we just use it for the English oral learning.