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    Romantic Valentines Crash with tablet PC system
    Category:Latest News    2016-10-27 15:10
    There is a story about Thailand’s biggest mobile phone network crashed on Valentine’s Day as thousands of young lovers sent romantic messages to their sweethearts. Now we can use tablet PC from tablet PC supplier China to create this romance for lovers nowadays.
    According to the story, Advanced Info Service (AIS) said the company’s GSM  network was flooded with more than 100,000 text messages sent within an hour is mobile phones on Valentines’ Day. This makes me recall the crazy festival in China, such as Singles’ Day in 11th, November, National Days price reduction selling on Taobao.com with the computer from computer hardware wholesale. Under this situation, we have to pray that we have a good luck for the quick speed for the internet to grab the goods on internet as there was a limited numbers for the settled goods with relative lower price than normal day. And everyone would crazy and tapping the computer again and again just in order to get the bargain goods. To some extent, I think it is fun and excited when we are here for the grab!
    Parents would think it would cost lost of money for a good tablet PC. With the high development of high technology, the POS tablet PC price is no longer a problem for us normal persons. 
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