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    Innovations of security for tablet PC
    Category:Latest News    2016-11-07 14:14
    We hate hacker as they would steal our personal information and make some bad damage for us, for example, steal our money, cheat our parents and so on. Even for tablet PC from tablet PC supplier China, we need to guarantee the safety once we lose it anywhere.
    Ipad would set password for the users which means you have to enter the password before you use it. Some users would say it is so difficult and not so convenient for users. Under this situation, now suppliers have make some innovations on these tablet PC from computer hardware wholesale as we can just use our fingerprint as the password and it is convenient for user as well as give us guarantee for the safety of our information. Now we can keep our tablet and our content secure with the swipe of a finger. The fingerprint scanner captures and stores your fingerprints, so you can easily unlock your tablet and prevent unwanted access. If more than one person uses the tablet, the fingerprint scanner will automatically unlock the specific multi-user profile.
    I want to say that don’t worry about the POS tablet PC price for this kind of innovation as it is so easy to settled down under this technology. 
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